Cowichan Bowmen Championship - August 17th 720 (70/60/50)

Date: Sunday, August 17
Judges:Penny Howard
Tournament Description:
Day 2 of a two day Club Championship
Archer Division ClassDis.1Total
Randy Granbois Master(M) Compound Fixed Pins 619619
Michael Poole Master(M) Barebow 409409
Roger Walker Master(M) Barebow 357357
Norm Anderson Master(M) Barebow 148148
Bryan Harper Senior(M) Compound 689689
Rick Ellis Senior(M) Compound 660660
Michael Repstock Senior(M) Compound 645645
Jeff Mckay Senior(M) Compound 642642
Tim Bilyk Senior(M) Recurve 569569
Darcy Dean Senior(M) Recurve 544544
Jarrod Ball Senior(M) Recurve 536536
Tom Lee Senior(M) Recurve 486486
Carlee Howard Senior(F) Compound Fixed Pins 531531
Madeline Lee Junior(F) Recurve 451451
Number of Archers: 14